Leandro Rodrigues
Porsche Brasil

E-mail: leandro.rodrigues@porsche.com.br

Please send your enquiry to just one of the press contacts listed here. Your enquiry will be forwarded on to the responsible contact immediately where relevant. Please send any general enquiries to  presse@porsche.de.

Dr. Sebastian Rudolph Dr. Sebastian Rudolph
Vice President Communications, Sustainability and Politics
Tel.: +49 (0)711 / 911 26260
Jennifer Jahke Jennifer Jahke
Executive Assistant to the Vice President Communications, Sustainability and Politics
Tel.: +491709115227

Corporate and Product Communications

Anja Wassertheurer Anja Wassertheurer
Director Corporate and Product Communications
Tel.: +491709113162
Peter Gräve Peter Gräve
Spokesperson VW Group Affairs, Corporate Strategy and Procurement
Tel.: +4915239113486
Stefan Mayr-Uhlmann Stefan Mayr-Uhlmann
Spokesperson Finance, Digital and IT
Tel.: +49 1523 9117804
Lena Rachor Lena Rachor
Spokesperson Human Recources and Founding Projects
Tel.: +491709111526
Matthias Rauter Matthias Rauter
Spokesperson Production and Logistics
Tel.: +491709116346
Nadescha Vornehm Nadescha Vornehm
Spokesperson Sales and Marketing (ad interim)
Tel.: +491523 911 2362
Antonella Kontio Antonella Kontio
Team Lead Product and Innovation Communications
Tel.: +491523 9111824
Oliver Hilger Oliver Hilger
Spokesperson Model Lines 911 and 718
Tel.: +491709113915
Hermann-Josef Stappen Hermann-Josef Stappen
Spokesperson Research and Development and Technology Communications
Tel.: +49170 911 4340
Nadine Toberer Nadine Toberer
Spokesperson Design, Lifestyle and Brand Communications
Tel.: +491709110944
Ben Weinberger Ben Weinberger
Spokesperson Macan, Cayenne and Panamera
Tel.: +491709112097
Mayk Wienkötter Mayk Wienkötter
Spokesperson Taycan & E-Mobility
Tel.: +491709118684
Jonas Bierschneider Jonas Bierschneider
PR Specialist Model Lines 911 and 718
Tel.: +491709114296
Jan Klonz Jan Klonz
PR Specialist Connected Car & Future Technologies
Tel.: +491709110619


Kristin Bergemann Kristin Bergemann
Head of Corporate Communications Leipzig
Tel.: + 49 (0)341 / 999 13450
Jana Jessen Jana Jessen
PR Specialist Location Communications Weissach
Tel.: + 49 (0)170 911 9401


Frederic Damköhler Frederic Damköhler
Senior Manager Corporate Communication Porsche Engineering
Tel.: +49 (0) 170 / 911 4735
Angélique Kreichgauer Angélique Kreichgauer
Head of Public Relations & Social Media Porsche Lifestyle Group
Tel.:+49 (0) 1523 / 911 6242
Linda Riechers Linda Riechers
PR Manager Porsche Deutschland GmbH
Tel.:+49 (0) 152 3911 – 8402
Viktoria Solms-Laubach Viktoria Solms-Laubach
Head of Marketing, Growth, Communications Porsche Digital
Tel.:+49 (0) 1523 / 911 5250
Jan Boris Wintzenburg Jan Boris Wintzenburg
Director Communications and Marketing Porsche Consulting GmbH
Tel.: +49 (0) 152 3911 – 8663

Event and Sports Communications

Thomas Hagg Thomas Hagg
Director Event and Sports Communications
Tel.: + 49 (0)711 / 911 24542
Miro Demel Miro Demel
Team Lead Event Communications
Tel.: +49 (0)711 / 911 27633
Marc Lieb Marc Lieb
Team Lead Sports Communications
Tel.: +491709114475
Holger Eckhardt Holger Eckhardt
Spokesperson GT and Customer Motorsports, Esports
Tel.: +491709114982
Viktoria Wohlrapp Viktoria Wohlrapp
Spokesperson Formula E
Tel.: +49 170 911 4979
Markus Rothermel Markus Rothermel
Spokesperson Sports Communications
Tel.: +49 170 911 0779

Channels and Publications

Sabine Schröder Sabine Schröder
Director Channels and Publications, Managing Editor
Tel.: +49 170 911 2679
Manuel Zagovec Manuel Zagovec
Team Lead Film/Photo Editing, Online IT
Tel.: +491709118687
Daniela Gutfleisch Daniela Gutfleisch
Team Lead Channels and Media Publications
Tel.: +49 152 3911 7578
Jasmin Anderson Jasmin Anderson
Managing Editor 9:11 Magazine
Tel.: +491709113790
Alexander Günzler Alexander Günzler
Managing Editor Christophorus and Podcast
Tel.: +49 170 911 7244
Julian B. Hoffmann Julian B. Hoffmann
Managing Editor Porsche Newsroom
Tel.: +491709112771
Benjamin Marjanac Benjamin Marjanac
Managing Editor Social Media and Influencer Coordination
Tel.: +4917091153625

Politics and Society

Daniela Rathe Daniela Rathe
Director Politics and Society
Tel.: +49170/9112434
Karl Dums Karl Dums
Team Lead Politics and Governmental Affairs
Tel.: +49170/9114155
Maximilian Steiner Maximilian Steiner
Team Lead Stakeholder Networks and Society
Tel.: +49170/9116083

Heritage and Porsche Museum

Achim Stejskal Achim Stejskal
Director Heritage and Porsche Museum
Tel.: +491709114272
Frank Jung Frank Jung
Director Corporate Archive and History Services
Tel.: +491709118391
Astrid Böttinger Astrid Böttinger
Spokesperson Heritage and Porsche Museum
Team Coordinator Communication
Tel.: +491709112065

Communications Strategy and Reputation

Stefanie Hermen Stefanie Hermen
Director Communications Strategy and Reputation
Gundula Maronde Gundula Maronde
Director Communications Strategy and Reputation
Tel.: + 49 (0)170 / 911 4262
Frank Scholtys Frank Scholtys
Manager Planning, Strategy and IR
Tel.: +491709111474
Nadescha Vornehm Nadescha Vornehm
Team Lead International Communications
Tel.: +491523 911 2362
Diana Sänger Diana Sänger
PR Specialist Media Analysis and Reputation Management
Tel.: +49 170 9111117